Kodak Moments landscape photography feature

Kodak Moments landscape photography feature

It was very nice to be contacted by Kodak recently to be asked if I wanted to be featured as a photographer on their Kodak Moments page. Obviously, this appealed, as a lovely way to display some of my more traditional landscape photography work.

Kodak Moments landscape photography feature

It was very much a case of writing the copy and choosing the photographs together, so there was a succinct but interesting story to share with their followers. Adventure played a key theme in both the copy and photographs chosen. I suspected my Dark Landscapes series would probably be a tad heavy, so I selected a series of photographs based within the Brecon Beacons National Park, telling a story from sunrise through sunset and into the Dark Skies of the night.

These are the images and text Kodak used.

“There’s no better feeling than climbing a mountain on a dark winter’s night, with nothing but a head torch and the stars to light your way. As the sun broke over the snow-capped mountain, it felt like all the ache in my limbs melted away into the sunshine. The view stretched out towards the East. Hiking down the mountain I had a spring in my step – the day had got off to the best possible start.”

“Spring is in the air when the bluebells appear in the Brecon Beacons. Traditionally they flower later here because of the land’s height above sea level. These are my secret bluebells! I think they’re the most beautiful British flowers and I always explore the hillside for them. They’re wild and vivid blue, and hard to find. I love the challenge each year of discovering a small patch of bluebells, hidden in the earth like treasure.”

“These are wild ponies on Hatterill Hill in the Brecon Beacons. Mostly white in colour, they contrast nicely against the purple heather. They roam free across the hills and Offas Dyke, but you need a little patience and serendipity to spot them. The ponies are timid in nature, so getting close and personal is out of the question. I stay my distance, find a quiet spot to sit and observe them.”

Brecon Beacons Photography Adventure

“There’s no better way to explore the Brecon Beacons than getting wet! Canyoning is hugely fun and can take you to unseen parts of the natural landscape. It’s fast-paced and fun, and gets your heart pumping. This waterfall in the picture is set deep in a tree-lined gorge. Using a tripod helped slow down the water speed and create a wonderful long exposure. The Brecon Beacons has a lot to offer, from peaceful meandering streams to big waterfalls you can walk behind.”

“The Brecon Beacons is one of the few places left in the world with a #darkskies reserve status. Though its size can be bewildering, the dark sky is a mesmerising thing to photograph. Viewing it is worth all those night trembles! This is a picture of the Milky Way galaxy, high above the Pen Y Fan massif. I took this the same night the fabulous aurora borealis danced across the skies.”

I do hope you enjoy the Kodak Moments story, you can find a link to the story and the photographs on the Kodak Instagram page here

The link to my instagram page, which I am using frequently now is here I will be sharing a lot of a archive photographs on Instagram over the next 6 months, many of which I have never shared before.

If you have any questions about landscape photography, please do get in touch, I reply to all emails I receive.

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  1. Hello, im starting photography with my nikon d5200 and im wanting to know what are thw best settings to use and places to go for waterfalls and landscape in nottinghamshire area?

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the reply. There is no easy answer to this question I’m afraid. The settings will vary dependant on the style of photograph you want to create. If you are after the blurry water look, then you will need a tripod and a longer exposure. Your shutter speed around .5 second perhaps a little less. In terms of waterfalls in Nottingham, if not sure of the best location, but Padley Gorge is about an hour away from you, pretty good for autumn colours at this time of the year. Hope this helps, Cheers, Neil

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