Hello and thanks for stopping by. I thought it was prudent to pop on my news/stories a very brief statement regarding Corona Virus.


First and foremost, we are still open. Please call or email me and I will respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible. We are still taking calls for commissions in the future and we are still (at this moment) taking photography tuition bookings.

In the event that social distancing does not allow us to run workshops or one to ones, we will be in touch with all those that have booked. For now, we are constrained under lockdown conditions. When these conditions have been eased in Wales we will look at seeing just how feasible everything is.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, this is the most difficult time for everyone, so we will (as always) do our very best to help.

Best, Neil

PS – I should point out that prints are being dispatched as normal and nobody in our business has had any conditions that relate to coronavirus.

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