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Pen Y Fan Snow

My relationship with the Brecon Beacons began with an adventure, long weekend trips with friends and the search for a big view. Much like my photography, my relationship with the landscape has changed. In years past, I searched for the big landscape, but now I am equally content with a local, detailed and perhaps some would say, a more considered view. Completing two recent projects on the Nedd Valley (the last valley in the UK to be connected to the National Grid) and a project about my local River, they have both offered me the chance to explore within myself a little. I’m a huge advocate of returning to the same location, understanding it’s history, the seasonal change and it’s place in the landscape.

However, the Brecon Beacons do offer a vast and unlimited supply of inspiration. Having volunteered as National Park warden in the waterfalls area of the park, am familiar with the quieter paths or indeed well known honey pot locations. I have photographed the Brecon Beacons National Park in all seasons, from the early green shoots of Spring, to the colourful yellow hues of Autumn through to the harsh icy cold Winter. As a family, we are now fully immersed in rural living, moving up from Cardiff 6 years ago to an old cottage next to a river.

Spending time in the landscape, for me, is more important than the technical merits of a photograph; experiment, have fun and enjoy being outdoors!

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