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ffoton is a Wales based community focused on providing a platform that allows Welsh based photographers an opportunity to share their photographic work, from landscapes and portrait right through to commercial.

Ffoton have interviewed well known Welsh photographers such as David Hurn and Roger Tiley. What makes ffoton stand out amongst a busy photographic community is their commitment to audio. Each interview in recorded in full and available for free listening via It is a self funded community, relying on donations to support the project. It is run by a small team who are dedicated to providing the very best Welsh photography content.

It was nice to be asked to spend a short while and be interviewed from their One Image story. Whilst attending a ffoton social in Cardiff a few weeks ago we recorded a brief interview based on an image I made very close to our new home in the Brecon Beacons.

To provide a little more of the backstory, this is a location that I see almost every day. It’s at the bottom of our lane to our cottage. Every winter rains comes down from the hillside, across the lane and forms a temporary stream running in the field. It meanders rather nicely into the field and towards a small copse,  it always catches my eye. I needed a way to isolate the background, so that the stream could be the focus of the image…..

Please listen to the one image interview here.

I’d be very happy to answer your questions on the photograph, please contact me.


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