Adobe Spark – The River

Adobe Spark – The River

This is a rather lovely piece of software created by Adobe, called Adobe Spark, it offers an alternative presentation for your images and really shows them off in a storybook fashion.

Justa  quick blog post to show how easy it is to embed in a blog post.

Adobe Spark - The River


By way of an update to this post, my tweet about The River on Adobe Spark, was rather well received.

Beautiful, inspiring content.

It was very nice to be featured by Adobe on their twitter account. Their description of my river walk, is a near perfect summary. Very pleasing to be featured.

Adobe Spark is a very clever piece of software which really allows you to present images in a unique and creative way. It’s fresh and fun, allowing video, photographs, gallery and text. I’ll be using Adobe Spark on a regular basis to clients.

I hope you get time to create your own Spark and and as much fun as I did.





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