Black pool Nedd Valley Brecon Beacons

Nedd Valley Brecon Beacons

This image is actually part of a larger landscape project based in the Nedd Valley in the Brecon Beacons, it is a remote part of the National Park and thankfully an area which is little explored. The popular waterfalls country (A sequence of spectacular waterfalls) are located close by drawing most photographers their way.

The water is actually a river called the Nedd Fechan which starts it’s journey high up on the slopes of Fan Gyhirych in the Brecon Beacons and then slowly meanders it’s way above and below ground to ¬†join the Afon Mellte, very close to the small town of Pontneddfechan.

I was drawn initially to the droplets, reflections and lights shafts, but after studying the form for a while, a more detailed image became clearer in my mind. The light movement beneath the water became a mesmerising swirl of detailed interest and slowly I began to pull together my thoughts around what exactly I wanted to create.

I won’t talk too specifically of the location or technique used, it is a single exposure, but if the weather permits (which has a massive influence in this photograph) I hope to turn a single image into a series.