Offline Journal feature – The River

I was recently contacted by Brian, at Offline journal to see if I would be interested in talking at length about my River project.

When we moved from Pontcanna, Cardiff to the Brecon Beacons, I needed to focus on a local personal photography project. Our cottage is at the confluence of two water points, a smaller stream and a river that runs down to join the mighty River Usk. The photographs made during this project are all local and all with a small section of the river.

Remaining local and really focusing my energy on a small section allowed me to get under the skin of the river. The more I photographed it, the more familiar I became with its twists and turns.

Please consider picking up a copy of the magazine.

The edition is titled Wild Skies and contains a number of other fantastic interviews. Including Dan Wood, Inside the Outside crew and a number of other landscape photographers. Huge thanks to Brian for listening to a few hours of my rambling.

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