Garden notes 1: Lockdown garden bird photography.

As everyone is experiencing life in lockdown is very different. Here in Wales we are still very much locked down and still cannot go further than a very local 5 miles. As a result, this has led me to further explore my local area and also concentrate on birdlife in the garden.

We are lucky where our cottage is located, the Brecon Beacons is full of birdlife and we are surrounded by two rivers and lots of local woodlands, with expansive views looking out to the hills of the Brecon Beacons.

I’ve been feeding the birds since we moved here from Cardiff 5 years ago, we built a bird table and it’s become a wee little focus point, as you would expect, for the birds. I have also dotted around the garden a variety of alternative feeding points. From fat balls in branches to a tray of breadcrumbs. For me there is no science behind it, just a bit of fun, gives me huge enjoyment and a distraction for my son during homeschooling.

Not a bad little garden from the humble blue tit, through to a redstart, pied flycatcher and a red kite. House Sparrows, tree sparrow and sparrowhawk.

Quite a few are regular visitors, the red kites and buzzards fly overhead every day, the siskin, nuthatch and redstarts, much less frequent. I’ll be adding any new sightings to this lockdown garden bird photography blog daily

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  1. Quite jealous of you getting pied flycatchers & redstarts into the garden. Nice read. I find it quite relaxing watching the birds in the garden.

    1. My Facebook reply will probably explain Al. But for the benefit of everyone else. The Pied Flycatchers were a double-take moment. But I’ve been helping out in a local research wood and they have been known to nest there for a few years. But there this Rob has just been back up to ring them and ringed 75 Flycatchers, so it is a great success story. I’m really glad to have helped during the lockdown and play a small part in recording eggs and nestbox numbers.

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