Garden Notes IV – Clouds Timelapse

It’s been a fascinating week of weather or rather a week of amazing cloud formations. I’ve been avidly following weather patterns for many years. I’d say for sure that this is a direct result of landscape photography. At least that was the case when I started taking landscape photography more seriously. Now I worry much less about the weather and head out when I feel I need a reason to wander.

Living rurally, we are lucky to have the hills of the Brecon Beacons close by. As well as many other small hills and mountains. As a result, the passing cloud formations can be pretty spectacular. Last week I posted a video specifically about Undulatus Asperitas. The timelapse I caught whilst on my way out to do the weekly shop, got me thinking about a way to capture a few more of these from the garden.

Timelapse Process

Luckily completing this process on a Canon Mark 5d4 is a pain-free and easy process. A very simple set up can take seconds. I wasn’t worried about the underlying composition in the slightest, as these are all photographed from my garden, which although has amazing views, does have a number of trees built up around it.

Can you name each of the cloud formations? (Leave a comment below) I must confess the video ends with a bang, not quite a cloud formation and it made me jump out of my skin! Follow me on Instagram for me details.

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