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Ceibwr is a place of legend, of stories, of tales, myths and fact, it was and perhaps still is a smugglers cove. It’s set into the quiet North Pembrokeshire coastline nestled away from curious eyes. Just search Operation Seal Bay, more a more detailed modern day history.

I imagine it as a real smugglers cove, rife with pirates, vagabonds and seafarers, but that might be because I have a slightly romantic memory of Ceibwr.┬áMy parents┬ámoved to ceibwr 15 years ago and I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time there, it’s a special place.

The North Pembrokeshire coastline is more rugged than the South, it’s a little more quiet, although it sits close to the wonderful seaside town of Newport. The walks are terrific, North towards Poppit Sands or South towards the witches cauldron, neither way will disappoint.

I’ve created my own memories. Not a story just a visual record of my time here. I would happily spend the rest of my time here.

I give you Ceibwr….

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