Cardiff Bay Murmuration

I heard that the starlings were putting on a amazing show in Cardiff Bay, a startling [sorry] scene, especially if you have never seen a murmuration before. The build up is just as entertaining as the event itself. Slowly over a 30 minute period the numbers begin to surge, dipping and weaving over the Cardiff Bay wetlands, until the sky becomes a black and orange motion blur.

The starlings dip, dive and weave into some truly astonishing shapes, the movement is breathtaking. Cardiff Bay is an iconic location with the 5 Star St.Davids Hotel standing tall across the Bay, unbelievably even the starlings mimic the iconic roof shape!

If you get the chance, please go down, to say it’s a memorable experience, just doesn’t do it justice, tomorrow night, be late for tea and go to the bay instead!

Neil (Landscapes Uncovered)

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