Brecon Beacons Photos, a landscape photography video

The Brecon Beacons sit on top of the South Wales valleys with majesty and grandeur. Photographing these wonderful mountains is always a pleasure, from the early hints of Spring, through to the cold, white snowy winters. Their colour changes with every breath that is blown at them from the East.

The colours of the Brecon Beacons change from season to season, the vivid violet hues of bluebells in springtime, through the delicious greens of summer, to the rusty orange of autumn and finally the black and white palette of winter. There is never a poor time to photograph in the Beacons.

The weather is notorious in the mountains and can change like the rush of wind, but that also creates wonderful photographic opportunities. I’m a big believer in shooting all day round, yes the light is wonderful first thing in the morning for sunrise and at sunset, but the changeable weather creates a blank canvas for you to colour in many different ways. Push the boundaries, explore, dream a little and explore. Get off that beaten path, take a map and discover those places that still exist, that few rarely get to see.

This 4 minute video below showcases a small selection of my Brecon Beacons Photos that I have made over the years. I’m happy to help anyone with locations (this links to the top 5 locations in the Brecon Beacons to photograph) and advice, so please do get in touch and ask me a question.

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