Autumn Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Walking along the canal in Brecon offers some strtaight forward photographic opportunities, it meanders along through Talybont on Usk and ontowards Crickhowell. However, at many poiunts, you have the option to deviatiate and follow river paths along the Usk.

This walk is one such beauty and one I will be sure of returning to. I’ve always much preferred exploration to a well walked pathway

This is the pathway along the river, which is off to the left in his photograph. A quiet path, full of wildlife in Autumn is a treat.

Further along the path you get quite unique views looking back towards Pen Y Fan and the central Beacons, I’m always on the look for unique views of the Beacons.

Returning to pick up my son from rehearsals meant that I could pick up anything I missed on the way out. The very obvious Beech is full bloom, was one of the glaring omissions on my route out.

Photography isn’t complicated, explore, walk and observe, but most importantly enjoy your craft.

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